And at the end of the night,

your wedding photos are the

only thing you'll have left to

help you cherish all of those

wonderful memories forever.

I recognize that planning a wedding is a lot of work and that every detail that goes into your wedding is decided upon with so much thought and intention. So I'm there to make sure nothing goes unnoticed and to capture everything from the details and the colors to the in between emotions.

But I'm not just a wedding photographer and I'm not just here to take photos.

I'm also here to guide you and give you the resources you need to ensure that you have the best day ever. My goal is for your big day to run smoothly so you don't need to think about a darn thing and you can just be in the moment! You spent months planning this day and I'm going to make sure that you have the time of your life.

So if you're looking to invest in a wedding photographer who is going to give you both amazing photos and help you create a memorable experience, I'M YO GURL.