If you've read some of my past blog posts, you'll know that I'm INCREDIBLY grateful for Kate at Katherine Elyse Photography. She trusted me to shoot a wedding for her on my own for the first time back in 2018 (you check out that post here). About a year ago she asked me if I wanted to go down to LA and shoot a wedding for her again! I was STOKED and incredibly honored that that she wanted me to shoot a wedding for her again.

I was suuuuper nervous, not only because I had to live up to the amazing KEP standards but I also used her equipment to do so. I’d been a Sony user for a long time and had never shot with Canon - it was a whole new world. I may or may not have been bingeing YouTube videos all night on how to use her cameras… Anyways, it was super fun and I loved shooting with Canon and it was an all-around amazing experience.

Neil and Eryka were so cool, calm and collected the whole day! They were super easy to work with and their positive vibes and smiles were so infectious. They got ready in a hotel that overlooked a portion of LA and the views were a great distraction from the nerves. They were both very excited and emotional and it just melted my freaking heart.

I'll be honest, I was a bit uneasy about where exactly the cermony was being held. All I knew was that it was a "loft space" and when I looked up the address on Google Maps, the area looked so sketchy. BUT YOU GUYS, IT WAS SO FREAKING CUTE. When you enter the building, you go up this little elevator and then BAM. It was a nice open space with lots of windows and the sun shining through. Between the cute old building and the decor, it was the perfect little space for this small, intimate wedding. 10/10 recommend renting out a loft space for your wedding (ballin' on a budget and it's cute as heck).

There were so many laughs and happy tears all throughout the ceremony and the rest of the night. It was honestly such a blur and went by so fast because it was just SO much fun! This is probably my favourite part about small weddings - all the guests are the bride and groom's absolute closest friends and everyone is there to have a genuinely good time and celebrate the marriage and happiness of someone close to them. It's so dang beautiful.

Photographer: @lovekephoto

Associate photographer: @rebeccaskidgelphoto

bride holding her dog while getting her makeup done
bride smiling while getting her makeup done
bride cuddling her dog while getting ready
bride kissing and cuddling her dog while getting ready
bride laughing with her bridesmaids while getting ready
wedding rings sitting in bride's shoes
dress hanging
dress hanging
dress hanging
bride looking out the window while getting ready
bride looking out the window while getting ready
bride smiling while getting ready
groom putting on watch
groom putting on shoes
groom tying shoes close up