it's me, ya gurl - Becca

I’m a high-spirited, fun-loving, energetic human being. I’m also a photographer (duh), chocoholic, burrito enthusiast, and a lover of hiking, traveling and adventuring of all sorts. I hope you're ready for terrible puns, dance parties and a whole lot of fun.

I absolutely LOVE being a wedding photographer. Funny story – I actually never intended on doing wedding photography! I graduated college with a degree in economics and worked a desk job as a financial analyst. I accidentally stumbled into wedding photography six years ago when a friend asked me to shoot their wedding. I always played around with the camera growing up and shared photos on Facebook but just for fun. So I didn’t know ANYTHING about weddings and was so freaking nervous but it was so much fun! After that, I just thought it would be my “side hustle.” But the more weddings I did, the more I fell in love with it. I love meeting and connecting with new people. I love seeing the different traditions each culture and family has. But most of all, I LOVE watching the stories and emotions unfold in front of me and I get the honor of capturing that so you can cherish those moments forever! How is that not the best job ever?!

I’m based in the heart of the beautiful wine country in Napa, California but I’d be more than happy (stoked actually) to travel anywhere and everywhere to capture your story. My ultimate goal is to capture your photos as authentically as possibly - I want your photos to portray the real you. I'm not really into the super "pose-y" stuff - I prefer movement and laughter. So if you're the goofy, life-loving, adventure-seeking type and you're looking for an easy-going photographer to help make getting your photos taken a fun experience.. then you've come to the right place :)

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